Just this side of heaven is a place
called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

-Author unknown


Bella Belane Pinson
May 13, 2007 - March 24, 2014

On June 19, 2007, mommy's birthday, at only 5 weeks old we brought our precious little girl, Bella Belane Pinson, home with us. The days, months and years that followed were magical and truly life changing. You loved Kong squeaky balls, you went no where without a ball, food, walks with mommy and daddy, car rides, snuggling, and play fighting with dad. You made your mommy and daddy better people. We instantly fell as madly in love with you as you did us. The soul in your little body I will always believe to be human. You never failed to amaze me with your intelligence. You shared the bed and our pillows with us. My favorite part of the day was feeling you snuggled up tight to me. You drank bottled ice water from a cup. You were never a dog to us, you were our child. We are so thankful God gave us you and the time we had with you.

When we noticed your throat was swollen we took you to the doctor, your least favorite place. When she said it could be infection or lymphoma we didn't know the impact of what was about to happen to your little body and our happy little world. When antibiotics didn't help, a biopsy confirmed the unthinkable. We boiled you organic chicken breasts and brown rice and mixed it in with organic vegetables. The prednisone kept your appetite healthy. No one ever loved to eat more than you!  You fought so hard and that impeccable mind and loving spirit never wavered. If only your little body would have faired so well. Eventually, you could no longer breath, swallow food, get comfortable, and you had the urge to use the restroom but all that came out was blood, as the cancer had spread into your gastro intestinal tract. We knew we could not let you suffer and we made the hardest decision we've  ever made. Mommy held you as you faded into eternal sleep, it haunts us still. I believe you would have lived in this agony to stay with us, that's how much you loved us. We pray everyday your at peace and forgive us for what we had to do.

Bell, there are no words to express how much we miss you and will love you until our final breath. You were just like mommy, sassy, uncoordinated, kind, silly, and full of love. All you ever wanted was to be with your mommy and daddy and we felt the same with you my dear. Mommy and Daddy took turns going to the grocery store, that way we wouldn't have to leave you alone, we got take out instead of eating in restaurants, if we couldn't take you we did not do it. We were glad to give up such things to spend more time with you, for you were our sunshine. 

You went everywhere with us, but to work. Mommy and Daddy flew home daily to get back to our precious little girl, waiting on the landing, as you knew what time we'd be arriving. I still can not believe we have to live without you, it's unbearable. 

Our home is soo lonely since you left, the whole house I believe aches for you. I see you in my every action. Our lives were built around you and you have left a void in our hearts that can never be filled.  We urn for you, to see that coal lump nose, those eyes that look through our souls, lizard tongue, barrel booty, pink yummy tummy, crooked little legs, cone bottom, fluffy tail, and stamps for paws. We miss every single thing about you. 

There will never be a day that we do not think of you. We visit your grave in the family cemetery each day,though we know your not there. Your in heaven, I pray at peace and happy waiting for the day we can be together again. We will never stop missing and loving you. We look at your pictures and watch videos of you all of the time and wish and pray you could be here with us. Our whole world has been forever changed by your passing. The weight of your death is something that never leaves us, losing you is the worst thing that has ever happened to us. Losing you has hurt worse than losing our dad's. Thank you Bella Belane Pinson for all the love, kisses, snuggles, joy, and devotion you gave us. You truly were our precious little girl, we love and miss you so very much. We were truly blessed to have had you in our lives. We will hold you again Bell Bops.

Piper (5 years old)
Diagnosis: Gastrointestinal Lymphoma 

On March 31, 2014 our precious Piper crossed the rainbow bridge. She was a beautiful black puggle that we nicknamed "Puma" because of her cat-like qualities. We adopted Piper, actually she adopted us on February 1, 2013. All we knew about her was that she was found as a stray. Her age was guessed at around 4yrs. at that time. The moment we met her, she was in our laps and staying very close to us. She didn't want to let us out of her sight. We were so excited when her foster mom brought her home to us. We took her to the dog park the following day...which then became a monthly event for us. She loved to run & play with the other dogs. She especially loved to play games with her Dad. They would run and chase each other around the house taking turns being the chaser. She enjoyed snuggling on our laps every chance she got. She was obedient and very clever. It was shortly after we took her to the dog park just this past February that she developed chronic colitis. After several tests, the diagnosis still eluded her vet. It wasn't until Piper had an ultrasound that the vet saw masses in her intestines. We knew what that meant....cancer. So we asked the vet what would he do if Piper were his dog. He said he wouldn't put her through chemotherapy or radiation because it wouldn't prolong her life that much. He suggested we try Prednisone, a steroid, that would help reduce the inflammation in her colon. After 10 days of Piper on Prednisone, we noticed her belly was swelling up and she was having difficulty walking so we immediately got her to the vet for an x-ray. Sadly the x-ray showed a blockage near her appendix. He offered to see if he could remove the blockage so I agreed to surgery. I knew the risks of surgery and knew that if the vet saw cancer he would suggest to not wake her up. So about 20 minutes into surgery, my phone rings and it's the vet calling....very somber tone.. so I knew what he was about to say. The blockage turned out to be a malignant mass in her abdomen. Her lymph nodes were swollen and he could see cancer up in her esophagus. After a phone call to my husband we decided to let her stay asleep so she could pass on quietly. At 3pm on 3/31/14 Piper crossed the rainbow bridge. We are heartbroken and miss our Piper. We hoped for many years with her but we were cheated out of that. We know she's in heaven, not suffering any more and will be there with a wagging tail to greet us one day. Until then, her spirit lives on in our hearts and we are so thankful to have loved her for the 13 short months she was with us.  Mark & Kim

March 2003 - 1/30/14
Lung cancer

She was named after the song "Mariah" from the movie "Paint Your Wagon". They call the wind Mariah. I whistled or sung it to her almost every day. I gave my whole heart to her and have never loved anything more. We are soulmates. She felt the same way about me, her dad. She had a great life, couldn't have been loved or spoiled more. I gave her everything, she was my everything. She controlled me more than I controlled her. Her most special quality was how vocal she was. She was a talker like no other. She could say "I love you". She would moan or growl if I stopped rubbing her belly, or whenever she demanded my attention. Mariah was Collie, Shepard, Lab and Blue healer. I always worried about the day she would pass. That day came and it was the hardest thing I have ever done. She was to good of a dog to suffer. We miss her and were truly blessed by God to have her.

Dog with cancer    
Tuffy, January 2002-March 17, 2014
Degenerative Myelopathy

Tuffy, a beagle-terrier mix was a hunter and companion that had all of the qualities an outdoorsman could ever want in a canine companion. She was a rabbit dog, and from the day she was old enough we knew that this was what she was hard-wired to do. Unlike beagles that bay, Tuffy had a unique high pitched ‘chirp’ which you could hear in the distance and follow once she was onto a scent.  Attentive and affectionate indoors, Tuffy was also that lapdog we’d like our dogs to be once inside and settled in for the evening.

It is difficult to believe that 10 months ago Tuffy as a senior was still active, catching four rabbits in about a three week period. Tuffy said good-bye to us after a short but valiant fight against degenerative myelopathy, a cancer that attacks nervous system of the spine. Degenerative myelopathy[DM] as some here are familiar with is genetically inherited in some breeds and mixes. Today there are DNA genetic tests able to detect DM disease in dogs that have passed it down their bloodlines. Like  all cancers there is no cure, but, with this information at hand one can determine whether to breed a dog or not.

We did not know Tuffy’s parents; she came to us as an abandoned three week old puppy found wandering a rural gravel road one sunny afternoon in February.  It must have been fate. The temperature dipped to 19 that first night Tuffy stayed with us. We are fortunate to have taken that route home 12 years ago on a whim and meet this little puppy romping carefree- into our lives and our hearts.

Like her predecessors, Tuffy, has crossed over to Rainbow Bridge where she can be with her companions once again and romp and chase like the canine she was here in this life. We will miss her and the sound of her chirping as she ran through the woods.

Willie 7/8/2006 - 1/19/14

We just lost our beautiful boy Willie to hemangiosarcoma. We are heartbroken.  He was the smartest boy who enjoyed his short life to the fullest and maintained his goofy puppyhood until the end,  He made an impression on all who met him, he came to work with his human mom every day and all who entered the office were greeted by Willie who put a ball at their feet, if they kicked it, he made another friend.  Some people came into the office not for business, but just to see him.  Our business is geared toward the elderly and many would bring their grandchildren in to play ball with the big dog who LOVED children.  He happily traveled the 264 miles from our house to Maine every single weekend, he loved the beach and has many friends there as well.  He had this crazy way he played, a game he created, we named it "pushing" - he'd have one toy in his mouth and push a ball around, using the toy in his mouth as a "pusher".  There were many times that a circle of people formed around him on Wells Beach to watch him play HIS game.  He welcomed everyone into our home and we always said he thought that everybody that came to visit came to see him. Our house is empty and our lives will never be the same.  Rest in peace beautiful boy, we love you with all our hearts.

9-11-01 - 11-18-2013

We adopted our precious girl from our local shelter 11 years ago. The farmer who dropped the litter off said they were born on 9-11. That was significant to me, since I was a flight attendant at the time. I did not rescue her.....she rescued me. She was our constant companion for 11 years. My husband and I retired right after we adopted her. She was always with us. Someone once said to me that loosing a constant companion like this was worse than loosing a parent. Most of us were not with our parents constantly before they died (unless they died when you were young). At the time I thought that was a little weird. Our house is quiet and very cold tonight. She warmed our life like no other being. She died of urethra cancer. We knew the morning she woke up and looked at us and clearly told us it was time.......even though she was eating and walking slowly. The tumor was huge. She was our first dog, so we kept wondering if we would know........and yes we knew.


I adopted Bugsy from a wonderful person who just had way to many dogs. Bugsy was born Aug 21, 2007, and died today Feb 13, 2014. He was way to young to die of that dreaded disease cancer of the spine. Bugsy was a very smart dog with a heart of gold. He loved everyone he came into contact with. He always had a lick with his big tongue for you. He was my constant companion, best friend. He will be missed by everyone. It started a few months back,he started limping and he didn't want to run anymore. I thought he just bruised one of his pads on his paw. A week later he started bruising a blu like color in his stomach. I took him to the vet, and explained that I had given him a rawhide bone to chew. Big mistake, don't ever give your dogs those bones. I thought and so did the vet that he had something lodged in his stomach, the reason for the blue color. He was put on prednisone for 3 weeks. He started to feel better and the coloring went away.  About 3 weeks went by and I saw Bugsy being lethargic and having trouble walking. I took him back to my Vet and they told me to take him to a Neurologist. I did that on the same night and the Neurologist did some tests and determined that he might have a slipped disk in his neck area. Or, it could be a tumor. One week after and he is dead. He died painfully,I held him in my arms trying to comfort him. I think that if we could of caught this cancer soon enough he might of survived. RIP Bugsy my
dear faithful friend.

Bailey Finney
Born:  April 2002
Died: December 2013
Tongue Cancer

It was a week ago we lost our beloved yellow Labrador. She had so much personality, gave us so much love and was a joy to be around. She loved tennis balls & chasing lizards. She loved her fellow lab sister Kody as well. Bailey brought a smile to people with just one look. She was stubborn, obstinate & a tough dog as she was born with severe hip dysplasia so we had her and Kody both undergo darthoplasty procedure on their hips. It gave them the ability to run, play and enjoy life after 4 months recovery. Bailey was diagnosed with an abscess "cyst" on her tongue and was sent off for a biopsy which came back negative for cancer. She was on antibiotics and prednisone while the cyst removal surgery was healing. After we stopped giving her antibiotics and prednisone, she started drooling again, slow to eat/drink. Back to the vet who opened up her tongue where the cyst was to find she was beyond being fixed. We had to say goodbye to her as she was still under anesthesia and we did not want her to wake up in pain. We just wish we had known she had cancer and we could have been with her before she had to cross to the other side. I will forever miss this special dog.


When the world was unkind, as it almost always is, I could always depend on you to cheer me up.  I hope you enjoyed your time with me as much as I enjoyed my time with you.  I miss you Boomer.... Love Poppa!  

Boomer developed a tumor on his left hip shortly after his tenth birthday,  
and in six months it grew and cancer had spread to his lungs/spine.

Rottweiler 2008 - 11/17/2013
Kaneohe, HI

It was a very sad day last Sunday 11/17/2013 we lost our best friend
Kuma a 5 year old Rottweiler who wasn't a dog but a real part of our
family. She was the biggest most beautiful and gentle girl with the biggest
heart you will ever meet, she touched so many lives in her short 5 years.  Our hearts broke when we found out she had cancer but vowed to fight this monster, 3 months ago Kuma had her right leg amputated and three week after her surgery she was running around on 3 legs looking like her old self. We felt like she may have turned the corner and would have more time to enjoy a good life, but 3 weeks ago she started coughing which gave us a really bad feeling. The doctor confirmed that the cancer had spread to her lungs but said that they would try to slow it down using a different drug when doing her chemo. Unfortunately the cancer spread very aggressively and Kuma started to become very short of breath and had difficulty moving around, last week Sunday the doctors took x-rays and recommended with heavy hearts that we let Kuma go. We miss her so much but know she is in a better place and is at peace with no suffering. We love you KUMA and will see you again one day.

9-11-01 - 11-18-2013

We adopted our precious girl from our local shelter 11 years ago. The farmer who dropped the litter off said they were born on 9-11. That was significant to me, since I was a flight attendant at the time. I did not rescue her.....she rescued me. She was our constant companion for 11 years. My husband and I retired right after we adopted her. She was always with us. Someone once said to me that loosing a constant companion like this was worse than loosing a parent. Most of us were not with our parents constantly before they died (unless they died when you were young). At the time I thought that was a little weird. Our house is quiet and very cold tonight. She warmed our life like no other being. She died of urethra cancer. We knew the morning she woke up and looked at us and clearly told us it was time.......even though she was eating and walking slowly. The tumor was huge. She was our first dog, so we kept wondering if we would know........and yes we knew.

Wawa and his little sis Chi Chi 7/2012

Yep, we had a very special set of Chihuahua mix siblings. He was mommies boy Wawa, chasing lizards, squirrels cats and, yes, he scared the crap out of coyote bob, tailing and protecting his mommie no matter
what...well, mostly hide behind her at first sign of trouble lol. Wawa was a loyal,strong, dominant but sweet boy, who never showed any signs of pain or change until the day before he was diagnosed with cancer of the spleen at the age of 9. It was a heartbreaking, completely unexpected and sudden good bye on 12/22/12.

She, Chi Chi, was Papa's Baby Monkey girl and occupied a big part of his heart. Chi Chi may have been clumsy, hard headed, pirate eyed, picky, the union leader of all begging dogs. Possibly, Chi Chi was a stubborn pain in the butt, a demanding drama princess, but most certainly my baby Monkey gave the sweetest kisses, smelled like a fresh puppy all her life, loved cuddling up next to papa, enjoyed being scratched and massaged and turned into a ferocious tiger when her comfort was challenged. The last year of her life was full of mommy time and love, playtime with her new brother Rambo, visiting the doggie park and running short cuts thru the grass or hanging out on the deck. Our Baby Angel Chi Chi died of aggressive bone cancer in her hind leg. Mommies incredible efforts with holistic meds, hourlong massages and out of tune singing kept her in remarkable shape mentally and physically until she leveled up to doggie heaven on 11/13/13, 9 1/2 tears old.

Yep, that's the story of our chiwawas, Chi and Wawa. Always loved, spoiled rotten, dearly missed, never forgotten, and you guys better be there at the bridge!   

This is my sweet angel Kali, she was the best dog ever, loved life, especially if she had a tennis ball in her mouth. We enjoyed every minute with her and I miss her everyday. Kali was diagnosed with osteosarcoma
dec. 27th 2012, she was 12 yrs. old,we opted to simply do radiation treatments to help with the pain, we kept her on the highest dose of pain meds and she lived 6months, pretty good 6months, we took her to florida
and we tried to make her feel like nothing was  wrong, we even modified the ball playing so that she could still have that ball in her mouth everyday. 

We felt very lucky to have had her for 12 yrs. Her brother Jamie had a difficult time as well, I never heard a dog cry before but he did that day we had her put to sleep, he was very lonely and depressed, he is only 2, we’ve since gotten another rescue.Her name is Charlie, we use to say that the back of Kalis head looked like uncle charlies from my three sons, so to keep Kali with us in name we named our new addition Charlie. Kali will forever be in our hearts and every time I see a tennis ball I know she’s up there playing. We love you KALI, Love Mommy and Mommy and Jamie


Was born March 24, 2004, and we brought him home on May 15 of that same year.  I grew up afraid of dogs and this puppy would be my second German Shepherd!!! Crazy,  for someone who hated dogs, now will have her second large dog!  My friend came with me to the breeder to pick him up. He came up to her and "spoke" to us.  She said "this is it! He's the one!!"  Milo loved walks in the woods by my house, and loved his little girlfriend from across the street! He loved to be vacuumed, but hated his nails to be cut!

About a week before Halloween, I noticed a large lump on his right side. I didn't take him in right away, he seemed fine.. good appetite, ran, bugged the cats.. like he did everyday! I finally took him in on Nov 5/13 - hoping for the best, which we would not get.  The vet said his lump was about the size of a small soccer ball, and it was in his bladder, at least. She kept him for more testing, just to confirm and to give us a timeframe of how long we had with him.  The phone call came two hours later - it was worse than she thought, and that we should take him home and love him up. He had developed bladder cancer and it had spread to his spleen.  He hated the vet and was not the best patient. This time, they didn't even have to sedate the poor guy to get x-rays. When your pup is like that, you know something is wrong! Even the tech said that!!

Milo had been to the vet in September after being injured in a scuffle with another dog. They had drawn blood then and nothing was present. It was less than 2 months from then that he had developed the cancer. TWO MONTHS!

I brought Milo home and my boys, husband and I loved him up. My husband bought him steak for dinner and breakfast. I ended up making the decision to have him put to sleep November 6. He was making gurgling noises that were never there before and the vet had warned he could bleed out.  I couldn't take the chance of my boys coming home and finding him like that, or someone waking up and finding him like that. He had a wonderful, but slow walk( which was very different from the week before) with his girlfriend, Tessa .. and his new friend Sisu.  My husband took him to the vet one last time on November 6. It was the second time he has had to put our beloved Shepherd's down.  I was so devasted as this was so sudden.  Milo was my goofy pup, who still acted like a pup, not a 9 yr old dog!  I laid on the floor one last time with him, rubbed his head
and apologized for having to do this. He closed his eyes, spoke to me (I hope he was saying "it's okay").. My house is so quiet without him here. I think my cats are still looking for him. - Kathy
Emmett (Bud)
Bone cancer

We lost our best friend yesterday to cancer. After 7 long months, we knew it was time. Emmett's front paw bone had shattered. He no longer wanted to eat, drink, or go outside. He was done fighting. We made the decision to put him to sleep at home with all of us there to comfort him. Words cannot express Holding him and kissing him goodbye and feeling him take his last breath. We know he's in a better place where he's not suffering and there's no pain. He will always be in our hearts. We love you and miss you Emmett!!!!
Cookie Monster
August 1997- October 27, 2013
Jack Russell

Best friend, "dog-ter", sister, companion, people lover, canine vacuum, snuggle-er, road trip companion, cat catcher, repairman greeter, kid sitter, escape artist.......You will be forever missed! I hope you felt as loved as you made us feel. We were truly blessed to have you in our lives, you are still with us, and we will see you at the Rainbow Bridge. - FAE, Patricia, Frederick and Lala
3/9/08 - 10/25/13,
4 Year Old Rottweiler

The flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long. She was a sweet soul who was perpetually happy, despite all of horrible issues she faced throughout her short life. At just over 1 year old, she tore both of her CCL’s which required an invasive surgery (TPLO) to realign the bones in her knees. During her surgeries, she contracted a MRSA (potentially deadly staph infection). This required taking the hardware out of her knees, 
resulting in a total of 4 surgeries – each taking several months to heal and lots of rest (trying to keep this girl down was an exercise in futility). The incision sites never quite healed properly and there was a large
amount of scar tissue. Through the process of surgeries and healing, we took her to several types of physical therapists. Eventually one of them used “Shockwave” therapy to break down the scar tissue and increase the body’s natural ability to fight infection. This was a miracle! She was walking again (although quite strained) and she no longer had flare-ups of infection. Her medications were cut back to Glucosamine and fish oil to help her joints, and Tramadol for the occasional pain. We knew she had to be in a great deal of pain, but our baby was a fighter and rarely showed any signs of anything other than joy and exuberance. Throughout this 3+ year ordeal, she frequently showed signs of lameness (especially in her left hind leg), occasionally would have bouts of diarrhea, and would sometimes go without eating a meal or two – all of which we attributed to the issues with her knees. Over the last two weeks she lost a few pounds, which we were happy about because she had been a few pounds overweight and that wasn’t good for her joints. On the morning of October 25th, I noticed that she appeared to be in pain, so I gave her some Tramadol and a few extra head scratches before heading out. My husband called me at work before he left for the office and asked if I could take Ursa to the vet because she seemed to be having a hard time breathing. I made an appointment for later that day and came home to keep an eye on my baby. She seemed to be getting worse, her breathing was shallow and labored, and her eyes seemed to be glossy, she was clearly in pain. I asked the vet if I could bring her in early, and they said that they would keep an eye on her until the doctor was free later in the day. I asked Ursa if she wanted to go to the vet and she jumped up, tail wagging, and hopped into the back of the Jeep. That’s my girl! I dropped her off at the vet and told her I would be back later. That was the last time I saw her alive. It just tears me up that I didn’t give her more hugs or kisses
before I left or that I even left at all. The doctor called me within 15 minutes and said that Ursa’s condition was deteriorating, they put her on oxygen and were going to do a chest x-ray, but she would likely need to go to an emergency vet later and be monitored overnight. They called back another 15 minutes later and said that her chest x-rays showed a significant amount of fluid in her chest and very little lung capacity. They didn’t expect her to last long, but they were going to try and remove some of the fluid to examine it and try and relieve some of the pressure. They called back 5 minutes later and told me that her heart stopped while on the table and they were doing CPR to try and revive her, but needed to know if I wanted them to try and continue. Through teary eyes I knew my baby was gone so I had to say “No”. The vet assured me that her heart sounded fine that morning and during all of her checkups. The blood test showed no signs of liver or kidney failure, and the fluid they drew from her chest didn’t have puss (infection) or blood in it. Our only guesses would be congestive heart failure with no audible murmur, or cancer. Our baby showed no signs of being in trouble at all, last night she was playing, took a walk, had a regular bowel movement, ran upstairs to watch TV with us… She was only 5 years old! How could this have happened? She has left such a hole in the hearts of so many people that she has touched. To her, a stranger was a friend she hadn’t met yet. She loved everyone and everything. The world is darker without her love and light. I got a call today that her doctor and another doctor had a closer look at the fluid that was drawn from her chest and found that it had a large number of abnormal cells, which points toward cancer. She must have had tumors in her body that secreted this fluid and caused her heart to stop. There was nothing we could have done, aside from everything we already did – checkups twice a year and periodic visits when we noticed anything abnormal. I hope this story helps others who are dealing with a similar situation, or helps inform those who never knew that something so tragic could strike so fast and take a dog so young and full of life. RIP my sweet monkey girl. You will live forever in our hearts, and we hope to continue spreading the love and joy that you shared with the world every day of your short life.
Sydney 9-25-08-6-5-13
4 years old

This is our beloved Rottweiler Sydney. She was the best dog I ever had. She was the biggest sweet heart and best sister dog to our 2 year old daughter who she loved and protected. She would let our daughter climb all over, tuck her into bed (ha ha), play bubbles, and throw ball with her. She was my husband and I's first baby and beginning of our family. It is just so sad an unfair she had to be taken from us so soon. She died of hemangiosarcoma. She was perfectly fine, then all of sudden she just became very tired and lethargic. I didn't know what was wrong with her that day. I never thought in a million years she was slowly dying. She had hurt her knee in the past and would lay around if she hurt it, so I just thought that was the reason. I felt she was ok and just needed to rest. I even went to the zoo, but when my husband got home she was in the same spot and just couldn't get up. So thats when we took her to the vet, and we got the terrible news she had a tumor. Surgery alone would not save her and if she did have it,  we'd have just a few months with her. It was the hardest decision we had to make, to put her down, but we knew it was the best thing for her. We just could not let her suffer. We both sat with her while they put her down. I have never cried so hard in my life. I just kept telling her I'm so sorry and I love her so much and how good she was to our daughter. It was just not fair. I hope and pray she is now in a better place. It has only been a few days, but I'm still in tears. Every little thing, like spilled Cherios falling on the floor make me cry because she would be licking them up. I swear I'll hear her flopping her ears or her dog collar jingle. I have been feeling so guilty about, because deep down in my gut that day i left her to go out, I knew there was something wrong. I just feel like i neglected her. I'm a nurse too and I knew if I had a patient like her id say to my self better to be safe than sorry. But why couldn't I have done that with her. I KNOW it would not of saved her by taking her early, but I just cant get over that. But we are taking it day by day, and by just sending this is helping to heal my pain for her. So please pray for her and all the dogs and animals who are suffering from cancer. Thank you.

Maddy Mae
5 years old

She passed away on May 29, 2013 to Lymphoma...She was a very special girl. My beautiful red-tick hound. She was my daughter's dog and granddaughter.  Dx to Lymphoma Feb 15, 2013...Please remember
all the beautiful doggies who have cancer. Give them extra special love and walks They need us.

I loved my Maddy Mae.  I miss her dearly every day.

adopted August 20, 2005 - passed April 19, 2013

Siouxsie was adopted at 3 years of age from an animal shelter. Instead of keeping to one corner or jumping at the fence like most of the other dogs, she came to the fence then turned to press her entire side against it just waiting for me to pet her. What a charmer. I went around the kennels to get her number only to see a big note saying "aggressive to other animals". Say what? As it turned out she had already been adopted once
but the previous owner returned her to the shelter because she had killed some chickens. I took her home the day I met her for a whopping $50. From then on we spent nearly 8 years together filled with walks (she walked me), talks and howls, chases whenever she managed to bolt from the house, naps on the bed or the floor, culinary criticism, and surprise dramatic entries because she'd learned how to open a door. While she did terrorize her fair share of birds, possums, and other critters who came into our yard, always with a curiosity and kind of zeal more befitting of a cat, she was always good to her friend Boomerang the mutt who came to live with us a few years after Siouxsie had already claimed her throne. She was his big sister and she never let him forget it. The night we had to take her to the emergency vet, they shared one last knowing nuzzle muzzle-to-muzzle.

Siouxsie had had two brief vomiting/constipation spells two weeks before. This spell was particularly bad, her belly had become very big, and she had her tail slightly tucked something I'd never seen her do in her life. I thought it was bloat but it was cancer. The vet said she had to have had this condition for at least 6 to 9 months because her liver had grown large enough to push on her lungs and stomach, pinching her intestine, causing her spells. Now she was also bleeding internally. This was so impossible to believe at the time because the night before she made me chase her all over the house for fun. After being relieved of gas at the emergency vet she'd stopped tucking her tail and was actually wagging it to convince me she was okay, and when we didn't leave she seemed convinced she could charm her way out through the vet and vet techs. But she was still very sick and her prognosis was poor. She wagged then threw up brown water all over the floor. She smiled but she had blood shot eyes. They drained 8 liters of bloody fluid from her. Her ultrasound results persuaded us not to go through with surgery of any kind so she could pass already asleep, still a whole dog.

Siouxsie was put to sleep at 1am on April 19, 2013. She spent her last hours with us her family and her new friends who treated her like the Queen she was, we ended her attack before she could suffer defeat. Siouxsie, you are still the Queen and you will always be missed, there can never be another lady quite like you.


My baby Amber went across the bridge this afternoon. I only found this site two days ago and put her on the prayer list. She was ready to go. She was my companion for 12 yrs and we enjoyed a fun, purposeful loving life together. I miss her so much already, my husband is traveling and I'm home alone. I laid down to rest and every time I moved I thought I felt her at my feet. I guess I'll always feel her with me and I know her paw print will forever be on my heart. RIP my sweet Amber.
Precious Danielle
(December 1, 2001-May 11, 2013)

Around March, Precious had a slight cough. We thought she had a cold, so the vet gave her medicine. The cough subsided and we thought she was ok. Around the end of April, the cough returned and it was terrible. So, she received more medicine. The medicine did not work this time. On May 2, we took her to
the vet and she gave Precious a chest x-ray. To our disappointment, she had lung cancer. The doctor said she had numerous tumors and was surprised she had been doing as well as she was.  From this day, my heart sank.  Precious was my little girl and my best friend. We shared everything together.  She was always there for me. We struggled with the decision of what to do. But, Precious made the decision for us.  She looked at me with that cute little face and soft brown eye as to say, "Mama, I am tired and will be leaving you soon. Please be prepared and take care of me."  We then decided to let her go. Today,  May 11, 2013, we
lost our baby.  We let the vet euthanize her.  She had lost weight, constantly had trouble breathing, slowed down tremendously, and even stopped taking her medicine. I feel as if my heart is broken. She was my everything.  We released her from her suffering and she is no longer in pain. I know she is looking down
on me saying "Good job Mama!  Thank you for letting me go."  I just miss my little angel and will love her forever! We love you Precious! Mama and Daddy (Tracy and Hiram)


This photo of Jasper was taken just after I called the vet and decided to take him in, something I had been postponing because I knew he'd probably not come home. Brother Alfie came to spend a few last minutes
with him. Jasper was 14, often stubborn, demanding and hard to discipline. But he had tons of personality and charm, was one of the friendliest dogs one could hope to meet, and gentle with all smaller animals. Jasper was 14 and I thought this might be his last year. Things changed in a day. On his last active day we went to the beach, he chased the ball, swam and went to the dog park. When we came home he laid
down on the lawn and didn't want to get up after that. I used a towel to hoist him up the steps. He declined rapidly, lost his appetite and could barely walk. Three days later it was time to go. The doctor noticed his belly was swollen with fluid, drew some blood and said it was likely spleen cancer, also Jasper's heart was weak. Although I was hoping for one last beautiful summer together, I was thankful he didn't suffer through any long, painful illness.


We got our beautiful, sweet and gentle Brandi on Thanksgiving weekend in 2011 after a long drive filled with anticipation and excitement. She melted our hearts with her big brown eyes, love of cuddles and her gentle
nature. We were blessed to have such a loving companion in our family but it was much too short. After a short illness, our sweet girl was diagnosed with gastrointestinal lymphoma and although we hoped she
would rally after surgery, we had to make the hard decision to release her from her suffering. We will always remember you Brandi, your tender kisses, your soft fur and your funny slouchy way of sitting. You made us
laugh with your crazy seal whiskers, the way you bounced on your front legs when you barked at the door, and the way you sat beside Benson, your puggy buddy. Jaimie was your best friend and you two were
inseparable. We smiled when you hopped up the stairs like a bunny to wait outside her bedroom door every morning. We miss you terribly but know that we will see you again, our sweet puggy girl. You gave us so
much joy and for that we are thankful. Leanne, Matthew and Jaimie


I saved her at 8 wks from a puppy mill. From that moment on she saved me countless times.  She was ten years old when she passed. During those ten years she was loved by and brought happiness to so many
people and other dogs. She will never be forgotten and I will never stop loving her.

July 1, 1999 - December 5, 2012

Chase was a wonderful little white ball of fluff when he came to our home at eight weeks and became a happy, playful and loving member of our family.

In the fall of 2012, he started having trouble hearing and seeing and didn't seem to enjoy his daily walks as much, and then his appetite started to decline. Chase was diagnosed with diabetes and I learned how to give him two daily shots of insulin which I found difficult to administer as  I was very concerned about hurting him when, in fact, I was actually trying to help him.

Chase was losing weight and couldn't even walk past a few houses along our street and we visited the Vet every few days in an attempt to help him and make him more comfortable, but it was not to be and I had to make the very difficult decision to end his obvious suffering and to say goodbye and let him go.  At the end, a large tumor was found which confirmed there was another underlying cause to all his health issues and one for which there was no cure.  I still expect him to greet me at the door with his tail wagging every time I return home.  

Chase was a warm, alert and loyal companion who gave us over 13 years of fun and joy and dedication.
He enjoyed his daily walks, socializing with friends' pets, traveling in Canada and the U.S., loved his "cookies" and "treats", and most of all, was simply happy to spend time with you and beside you.

Rest in peace sweet boy.  You will always be in our hearts and thoughts. I think of you every day and will miss you always.

Thanks for the memories and the good times. You were certainly a special "gift" to be treasured and enjoyed and loved ... and we did. Lynn, and son Greg, Zak, dog with cancer    


Zak came to us October 2003, he was the best dog and friend a family could have, very affectionate and intelligent , he loved to walk and eat, we miss him dearly, he was ill on 23/12/2012. Lethargic and shaking and white gums, took him to the vet who diagnosed a spleen tumor , the vet removed his spleen Xmas eve 2012, he came home 26/12/12 and after a week was back to his old self , he was a beautiful dog , shiny coat and eyes that melted your heart, on the 9/3/2013 the cancer had returned and he was bleeding internally , the vet had to put him to sleep,I miss him so much he was a great friend , RIP Zak until one day we meet again buddy xxx